Friday, 31 July 2015

In a Cuckold's Mind's Eye

All cuckolds know, when he and his Wife are not together, that she could be with another man.  It is the cuckold's way of life to imagine what they do together and is all the sweeter for it.

Does your Wife kiss you after she has been with another man?

And can you taste him on her lips?

And do you feel humiliated or elated?


  1. Yes, my wife and I kiss when she comes back home.. It seems pretty automatic our tongues engage. There have been times I tasted him on her lips but mostly when I lick her body.


    1. Tasting the other guy on your wife's lips and/or body certainly brings it home to you that you are a cuckold. Pleasure indeed!

    2. I must include there is an element involved for her too. In her mind she has brought him home, She intended me to taste him to pique my arousal, as if to say "Have a taste of success, see how another man can make me a woman?" Rather than become angry, I take advantage of what she is willing to let me have. I love orally servicing her and gladly lap away.