Friday, 10 July 2015

A Cuckold's Life

It is a wonderful feeling for a Cuckold to see her, and to help her, get ready for the visit of her Lover.  It is especially so knowing that she will greet Him in little other than some very pretty stockings and suspenders thereby letting Him know that she is his for the taking.

Being dismissed by Her like a little boy can be upsetting for some Cuckolds, but for most it adds a piquancy to their ejection from the house, knowing that his Wife and Him are totally engrossed in their lovemaking without a single thought for the Cuck.

"Go to your Mother's Cucky."

If you have been sent away while she is with her Lover / Boyfriend / Master, I would love to hear how it happened and, more to the point, how you felt about it.


  1. Dear Derek, you are asking "whatever we feel if.." continuously. Unfortunately most of us are only "cuckold to be"s or have very little experience.

    OK, your blog is great but if you think to tell about your life, experiences and -most important- your feelings it will be more helpful.

    1. Hi Anon (there seems to be so many of you), many thanks for your very helpful comments above and I shall certainly try to include how I felt if I can, however you might like to read 'A Brief Synopsis of Why This Blog' at top left of every page as a start. Please also bear in mind that I am now a 'seasoned' cuckold and the feelings that I have now are not nearly as powerful as those when I was first cuckolded.

      You also say that you are a 'cuckold to be', can I please say that you should be very very careful about going voluntarily down this path but if you do the website can give you an insight into this way of life.

  2. Early on it came with a little feeling of rejection, after all I had put effort into preparing her and the house for his company. As time went on I realized there were times that what they had going on was something they did not want to share on that occasion. while other times they were more open about it. There are times that privacy must be respected and needed.


    1. Privacy when requested and attendance when appropriate. One of the many ways for a cuckold to keep his Wife happy.