Friday, 24 July 2015

A Cuckold's Conversation

All cuckolds understand that his Wife's Lover knows and enjoys intimately her pretty naked body; it is the mark of a True Cuckold that he will always be faithful to her.

"Your Lover has impeccable tastes my Angel."

Do you feel that your Wife's Lover is a man of impeccable tastes?

Does it excite you to know that another man enjoys the sight, taste and feel of her naked body?


  1. He might be truly impeccable but he does recognize and appreciate the finer things and notices details. It does excite me that he enjoys the sight taste and feel of her naked body. What's more, he sincerely appreciates it and indulges to their mutual gratification. I am pleased that she is well loved and appreciated.


    1. And you are both all the better for I'll bet.

  2. It keeps her happy, satisfied and able to feel like a complete woman. She is able to fulfill her sexuality as a freedom rather than an obligation. That has an immense impact on sexuality.