Sunday, 14 June 2015

A Cuckold's Wedding gift to her Master (text and photo version)

You belong to Him. 
I am only your husband.

"This was the moment that I told my beautiful new Wife to go to Him and to consummate our marriage with Him and not me in our Marital bed.
The Man who had taken her for his young Mistress when she was the age of seventeen.
The Man who she said that she belonged to when we first started dating.
The Man whose bed she climbed into on the night we became engaged to be married.
The Man who takes her on holiday to the Seychelles twice in every year - without me.
The man whose wife understands that her rich and powerful Husband need a Mistress for his pleasure.
The Man who phones and tells me to send her to him for the night.
The Man who buys her intimate jewellery for me to adorn her with when I prepare her for a date with him.
The Man she opened her beautiful long legs for on the night before our wedding.
The man whose seed was still inside her as we made our wedding vows.
The Man who will always be her Master and she his willing Mistress.
Some say that I am a fool, but I know what I am - I am a gentle and submissive Husband; just what I was born to be and will always be.
And she will now mate with a far better man than I and have his babies, because that is the way life is for a True Cuckold like me."

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  1. My Wife has been the Girlfriend of a very rich man since just after we first started dating and I love to send her to him having helped her and advised her on what to wear. She is the love of my life so to keep her I must play the cuckold. I am not a wimp as we are often described in so many Cuckold sites, but this is what I will always accept to stay married to Her.