Saturday, 19 January 2019

Cucky Toons

As it's Saturday, let's enjoy some cuckold cartoons.

Showing Mistress who is Boss.

Young love and submission in it's
finest form.

"Show me your acceptance of my
Lover Deven - cuckold."

"Of course Mistress."

A Beautifully drawn depiction of a Wife
just back home from her date.

"Just your tongue cucky. Not your beard."

Doing the housework as she phones her Lover to make
a date is the mark of a true cuckold.

Somewhere far, far away there is an island
where all cuckolds would love to be.

"Come on boy! Do your thing!"

Friday, 18 January 2019

Daily cuckold - The first phase

“Nice panties Dear."
“Nice panties Dear. I guess that i am the spare room again tonight?”
“Not necessarily My Darling.”

“So Deven isn’t coming tonight then?”

“Oh yes he will be here in a minute, it’s just that we want you in the bedroom with us this time.” 
“i thought that my cuckold training was complete now.”

“We haven’t even started on you yet cucky. Now while you are here, get on your knees, pull my knickers down and get your sissy tongue working. This is just the first phase of your training.”

"Just the first? Just how many are there"

"Twenty five phases cucky, and all of them geared to your complete emasculation and humiliation."

"The very thought turns me on My Angel!"

Thursday, 17 January 2019

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Daily cuckold - “I have a suggestion to make“

"You knew that before we married.”
“Look! It’s not my fault that i can’t last more than one minute. You knew that before we married.”
“I know, but I thought that I could cure you.”

    “Well you didn't, so i have a suggestion to make.”

“What’s that?”

    “What if i said that it was okay for you to have a Lover.”

“To cuckold you? If you’re alright with another man having me in our bed, then why not.”

    “Would you have anyone in mind.”

“Well there’s Marcel, Deven, Dominique, Charles and that guy at work who was having an affair with the MD’s Wife.”

“They are all Black Men aren’t they. Is that where your tastes really lie?” 

“Actually my tastes involve lying on my back for them. So I want you to ring Marcel and invite him around tonight, Deven for Thursday, Dominique for Saturday and Charles for Monday. The guy at work I can sort out for myself.”

 “That was a quick decision wasn’t it?”
“No quicker than you cucky-boy!”

Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Daily cuckold - Who else cuckold!

“You want me to leave now don’t you.”

“You want me to leave now don’t you.”
“Well all of this is a bit of a clue, don’t you think?”
“Well i thought it would only be good manners to let your husband know that you are entertaining your new Lover tonight.”
“I would if I thought that he would do anything about it and not be a weak and useless Wimp about every damn thing that I do.”
“i suppose that insult is meant for me, isn’t it.”
“Who else cuckold! Who else!”

Monday, 14 January 2019

You must promise

You want to know and she wants you to
know and she wants you to be humiliated
- the perfect Wife for a cuckold.

Sunday, 13 January 2019

What are you reading Dear?

“What are you reading Dear? It must be something special for you to sit there in the nude to read it.”
“It’s a book called ‘How To Totally Dominate Your Husband’“
“Sounds interesting. What does it recommend?”
“Well there’s a lot in it, but the first thing it says is that a Wife should humiliate her husband and get herself a handsome Lover; preferably Black and well-hung.”
“Well, you’ve done that already. What’s the next step?”
“A Wife should feminize her cuckold and lock his penis away in a little cage thingy.”
“So far so good. What’s next?”
“It says that a good Wife should subjugate her cuckold and put a slave collar around his neck.”
“What would be the purpose of that.”
“For his total domination, diminution and to demonstrate to all that he is truly and totally under his Wife’s control.”
“Mmmmm! ………
 ……. that sounds like heaven to me my Love.”
“I just knew it would be right for you cucky.”