Monday, 11 December 2017

Daily cuckold - Foreplay is a wonderful thing.

.. my Wife and her Lover.

Foreplay is a wonderful thing between my Wife and her Lover. Kissing, exploring each other with lips, tongues and fingers are all very nice and arousing, but the best moment for them both is when he removes the pretty and flimsy cover to the source of their pleasure.

Knowing this! Appreciating this! And understanding what this means to them both is what defines a supportive and enthusiastic cuckold - like me!

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Cuckold Conversation

When your Wife's Lover gives her an important present you know that they both have something important in mind. The question is, are you terrified or do you enjoy the uncertainty?

Saturday, 9 December 2017

Let us enjoy some cuckold art and cartoons.

Every now and then i like to mix it up with some art and cartoons. Please enjoy them as much as i do.

The life of a submissive has always been 

joyous, and it always will be.

A young married couple playing a game as old 
as time, just before her Black Master arrives to 
take her into his arms and then up to their bed.

The joy of serving Mistress before she joins Master in his bed is particularly humiliating moment for a cuckold, and should be enjoyed as often as possible

Pleasing Mistress as she entertains her Boyfriends is exactly what a true cuckold exists for. And long may it be so!

Demonstrating his total acceptance of the capitulation of his manliness is expected of a cuckold. None more so than when Mistress prepares for a night with her Black Lover in the marriage bed.

Start as you mean to go on has always been the motto of a true cuckold and his new 'Mistress'.

Total capitulation to your unfaithful Wife is expected of a cuckold. Such a life can be a true joy for such a happy couple.

Intense training for Master's visit later that day.

Seventy percent of all relationships start in the workplace.

"Please cuckold me My Love." "Don't worry my sweet - it's already been done." Oh thank you Mistress."

Letting him taste where Master has sucked.

Partying with friends while cucky waits outside in the car.

Friday, 8 December 2017

Daily cuckold - Cucky did it for me Master.

"get a restraint on that pink worm"

“Hey kids let me take a photo of you both before we commit to our new relationship.
“Of course Master! But what happens now?
“The first thing is that you get a restraint on that pink worm and start understanding your new status as cuckold.”
“Yes Master! It looks a bit complicated though.”
“And you, my sweet thing. I see that you’ve shaved off your bush for me as ordered.”

“Cucky did it for me Master.”

“Did he now. That is encouraging. Are you ready for our first night together.”

Yes Master. I can’t wait.”

“The let’s not. And we shall leave cuckold to working out how to lock his little penis away. Who knows, he may have worked it out by tomorrow morning.”

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Daily cuckold - i know he will look after you

“i know he will look after you My Love."
“i know he will look after you My Love. He always does.”
“Was that a bit of a dig at me for wanting to spend the night with my Boyfriend?”
“No! Not at all. Why would i, the husband of a sexy little lady like you, be a little put out that she spends three nights a week in another man’s bed?”
“Then you are having a dig. If you feel that way, why don’t you just go home?”
"I would, but we both know that i like to sit outside the door and listen to him having you.”
“Well okay then! I suppose it’s nice to know that two guys have my best interests to heart.”

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Daily cuckold - Is my tie straight?

"Me trying to impress your new Boyfriend.”

“Now listen! I want you to make a good impression.”
“Isn’t that a little bit arse about face Dear. Me trying to impress your new Boyfriend.”
“He wants to know if my husband is suitable.”
“Suitable? For what may i ask?”
“As a total cuckold. One who gets his Wife ready for dates. Serves them both when they are in bed. Uses his tongue to soothe his Wife’s pussy after her Lover has cum. Wears a little plastic restraint on his tiny penis and relishes the humiliation of being a cuckolded husband.
“i see! Is my tie straight?”

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Daily cuckold - Happy ‘Cuckold’s Day’!

"I haven’t done my best by you in our marriage bed.”

“I think you should. It’s about time don’t you think?”

“Are you saying that you will be okay with me joining another man in his hotel room and staying the night with him.”
“Okay is not the right word My Love. Tolerant is probably more accurate. We both know that my ‘Cuckold Day’ has been a long time coming and that I haven’t done my best by you in our marriage bed.”
“And you’ll be happy to know that a big, well-hung Black Man is looking down at my naked body and pushing his big penis inside me? Will you be tolerant of another man’s semen inside me and me begging him for more as well.”
“Well, seeing that you put it that way, i guess that i can accept it and even learn to enjoy our new way of life.”
“Then happy ‘Cuckold’s Day’ - cucky boy!”