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The T&L Auctions - my personal recollections - Part Twelve

The T&L Auctions - my personal recolections - Part Twelve

White Sugar

Note: This chapter contains intimacy between cuckolds.

There was no doubt, my new friend Georgiou had unlocked the cage to my penis as I lay naked on the bed listening on open speaker-phone to my Wife Jennifer making love with her Master hundreds of miles away in Athens. The hotel in Riyadh was luxurious and cool after the raging heat of Saudi Arabia but still had an air of intimacy in the glow of the bedside light. The word 'friend' was no longer an accurate description of this strange little cuckold who now lowered his head and took my 'Mr Floppy' into his own mouth.

He was returning the favour that just twenty minutes before I had done for him. I had felt guilty that this happy and contented cuckold could not be beside his Wife as his Master - Desmond - was mating with her in order to make yet another baby. He had clearly wanted to be there with her so as to be part of the impregnation of Helena, but because of my fragile state, Master Desmond had decreed that he should stay in Saudi to look after me.

So how did I get to be in a hotel room with another man who, although having been told that he was now my 'slave' by Master Desmond, was happily rolling the head of my now stiff penis expertly around his tongue? All of this, and more besides, can be discovered in the list of chapters [here].

As I lay back with my head on the soft white pillows and enjoyed the feelings that now coursed through my groin, and the screams and groans of Jennifer's lust and love filling the room I could not help feeling that this new way of life was my destiny. Or as they say in Arabic countries - kismet. I had been a cuckold for all of the years of my marriage to Jen but, having put herself up for auction at the T&L, I was seeing a whole new side to her. She was relishing being Desmond's pleasure slave and as I listened to her words of love for the Black Master who now ploughed her furrow in Athens, Georgiou's words earlier came back into my mind.

She was relishing being
Desmond's pleasure slave ..
"She is now his permanent Mistress," he had said, "even more so than my Darling Helena, and there will come a day when you will attend their loving in the sure knowledge that they are 'mating' for a higher purpose than just mutual pleasure."

I knew he was right, and the commitment I had made to Desmond to be 'Black Owned' and to call him Master on a permanent basis would soon be required of me, in the flesh - so to speak. I knew this as much as I knew anything; that Jen would be his Woman for as long as he wants her to be. And as far as I could see, it was the foreseeable future.

Jen's lovemaking was coming to a crescendo and it was no coincidence that Master Desmond had taken a long time to 'complete' inside my Wife. Having ejaculated into his 'breeding slave' - Helena - three times already, I guess that even the most dynamic Lovers calm down and take an extended time to finish. The result of such a lengthier time was my Jen going berserk as orgasm after orgasm swept her away into a distant world of pleasure.

"Egó den to échei ídi," said Helena over the phone, "tin kánei gia pánta apópse."

Georgiou lifted his head up from my throbbing, and almost ready to spurt, penis to ask, "Would you like to know what my Wife just said Master Derek?"

"Oh God Yes!" I replied as I felt my small ball sack tighten in readiness to erupt my seed into Georgious face.

"She said that, 'if he hasn't done it already, he is going to make her his Woman tonight."

That proved what I had thought before; my Wife Jen was no longer his 'pleasure slave' - she was now his property. His and not mine; the very thought of it filled me with a deep sense of arousal that caused me to come in a long stream of semen in my friend's open and receptive mouth. This eruption was closely followed by the happy and fulfilled noise of Desmond ejaculating into my Wife, albeit over the telephone.

Georgiou spent the night with me in my room but we did not feel the need for any more sexual intimacy. As I rested, I knew that he was there beside me and I was grateful that our Master had possessed the foresight to make him my slave. I didn't need or want a slave but I did need a companion to help me through the day in what was a difficult time in the important work that I was carrying out. The fact that I had been sexually intimate with him was something that in time I would have to think through and reconcile.

The next three days were a repeat of that day and that night in the hotel room. 'Jennifer' flew three flights a day and kept itself in moderately good condition except for a leaking undercarriage jack, a generator trip and an engine starting problem; all of which were fixed with relative ease. Georgiou kept up with the meals in the hangar while I did my senior engineer thing by recording the flight test results, sending them back to London by secure mail and organising my team of mechanics. I say 'organizing', my two supervisors Ali and Jafar were now so knowledgeable about the aeroplane that they just knew exactly what to do, which made my life so much easier - and for that I was deeply grateful as I was still relatively weak from the physical and emotional collapse I had suffered. [here]

Our evenings consisted of showering together in my hotel suite, a light meal in the restaurant and then Georgiou and me lying naked together listening to our Wives being fucked expertly by Master Desmond. We didn't discuss what we did together in my hotel room and my feeling was that if I were to raise the matter with Georgiou, then it could be an embarrassment for us both. But nonetheless I pleasured Georgiou every night to the sound of Helena being made love to by Master Desmond, as he did to me to the happy noise of my own Wife's sexual bliss.

.. the happy noise of my own Wife's
sexual bliss
Were we both now two homosexual men? That was a question that troubled me. I didn't have any sexual 'desire' for Georgiou , although I would readily admit to enjoying his company and his very dry sense of humour which suited my tastes. It was true that I had previously seen him take Master Desmond's large dark manhood in his mouth to get it big and hard and ready for another loving session with Jen [here]. It had seemed so natural for him to do that and it was clearly a function of his enslavement that he had performed many times - presumably for Helena, Jen and the many other mens' Wives that Desmond had bedded.

But for me, to take another man's penis directly into my mouth, was a new thing and, although I had been a cuckold for a long time, even in those early years of our marriage, that particular aspect of cuckoldry had never been required of me. It was true that I had welcomed Jen back from her dates with a long and slow cunnilingus many times and had her Lover's seed on my tongue almost as often, so the taste was nothing new to me. But the warm, hard velvety feel of Georgiou's glans and shaft was another step; I didn't hate doing it, in fact I quite liked the feel of it in my mouth and, along with the sense that I was pleasing someone I like, was an even bigger incentive to do it again. Then why didn't I feel like a homosexual, or to put it in the new vernacular that was beeing increasingly used at that time - gay.

It was on the fourth morning, as we were driving out of Rhyadh to the airport, that Georgiou told me that Master Desmond and Jen were leaving Athens that evening and returning to Saudi. "I think that there is something on your mind Master Derek," he said, "so perhaps you should talk to me about it."

I knew exactly what he meant so  my reply was that it was a good idea. "Perhaps this evening before our two love-birds arrive," I replied.

'Jennifer' flew  beautifully for the first two flights of the day and, although I fiddled about with the paperwork, there was not very much for me to do in my cosy little air conditioned office on the airfield side of the small hangar. It was mid afternoon when the phone rang and it was my boss Jack.

"Derek," he said over the crackling sat-phone, "the boys in Research have come up with replacement seals for those pressure valves. Sir Anthony and Lady Margaret are flying out tomorrow and will be with you about mid afternoon; and he will be bringing them with him."

"That's good news Jack," I replied with as enthusiastic a voice that I could manage, "the day after tomorrow is a local holiday and only essential flying is allowed so we can probably get those fitted if we start tomorrow night and work through the day ready for the next morning."

I was unenthusiastic with this news when in all truth I should have been relieved. If the new seals held, that would mean that the rate of flying could increase and we could wind up the program within days and go home; indeed, I could be back in my house in Lewisham by the end of the following week. But I had become used to the fun and cuckold adventures I was having - I was loving every minute of it.

It has to be said that Saudi Arabia was a very bad place to have one's sexual indiscretions made known to the local Religious Police; but everything had happened in the privacy of the hotel bedrooms and it had been cleared of any bugs or cameras by Desmond's two tough 'minders'.

"You don't sound too happy about meeting up with the Chairman Derek," Jack commented, "is there something you're not telling me?"

"No Jack! I'm okay with it. It just means another long night in the hangar for me and my team," I replied, hoping that he couldn't hear that I was lying through my teeth. But there was another intriguing question to come.

"Is Mr Shamak with you Derek? I heard that he told that idiot of pilot, Peter, to shape up and stop fucking about."

"I didn't realise that he was involved with the Company until just before I collapsed." I said, "You might have let me know."

"He's a major shareholder Derek so we have no say in where he goes. So is he with you then?" asked Jack.

"He's in Athens."

"Oh Lady Margaret will be disappointed."

I had forgotten that Sir Anthony's Wife had been one of Master Desmond's 'ladies' and had enjoyed his company many times. But I decided to play dumb.

Sir Anthony's Wife had been one of Master Desmond's
'ladies' and had enjoyed his company many times.
"What do you mean Jack?" I asked, hoping that my question didn't sound disingenuous.

There was a slight paus before he responded. "Well let's just say that Lady Margaret is, under certain circumstances, not a Lady. Mr Shamak and her have a past."

"Wow! Thanks for telling me," I replied with a secret grin on my face, "I guess that I shall have to tread carefully."

"Don't get involved Derek," Jack commented, "just do the aeroplane stuff and leave all the other 'doings' to Desmond, Sir Anthony and his Missus."

'You don't know the half of it mate,' I thought trying very hard not to laugh.

'Jennifer' flew again for the last time that day just after I put the phone down from my conversation and, as it was still in the air, I called the team together and told them that the new seals would be arriving the following day.

 "We could work tonight and strip out the valves and have her ready for the seals by tomorrow afternoon," suggested Ali, my  senior supervisor.

He was right and once again I was thankful for the commitment of the local guys who had proved so, surpringly, commited. All I had to do now was to tell Georgiou that his little 'talk' would have to wait.

"Another night in the hangar then Master Derek," Georgiou commented when I turned to him after giving the news to the team, "maybe our chat will have to wait. But there is one thing to consider."

"What's that mate?"

"Your Jennifer is probably going to be Master's permanent Mistress now," he replied, "his  lifelong mate, the Mother of his children. Or another one anyway."

"No shit!" I responded sarcastically, "until he moves on, then I will have a heartbroken Wife and a couple of 'littluns' to look after."

"Not so Master Derek. Master has told me that your Wife will be his last Mistress and he wants it all to be a permanent arrangement with Jennifer and you."

"I've already guessed this Georgiou. So what's the thing to consider?" I said.

"I would suggest that Lady Margaret is coming out here to spend a night or two lying on her back for our Master." he said in a tone that suggested to me that he already had a 'cunning plan'.

"I would suggest that Lady Margaret is coming out here
to spend a night or two lying on her back for our Master."

 "Well that's a problem for them," I replied, "I have other things to occupy my mind. But whatever you want to do, it's up to you."

"You will have the gold seals out by tomorrow morning. Is that correct Master Derek?" asked Georgiou.

"We'll make an engineer out of you yet. And yes they should be, if all goes to plan." I replied condescendingly.

"I remember just how long it took the first time," he replied, putting me back in my place.

"Maybe less time, now that we have done it before," I replied, suitably abashed, "but it still means that we have to strip out much of its guts and lay it all out on the floor. Why do you ask Georgiou?"

"I thought that we might have a small celebration with Desmond, Jennifer, Sir Anthony, Lady Margaret and Mr Asfour."


All of a sudden there was a look on Georgiou's face that I hadn't seen before. It was one of calculation and, dare I say it, cunning. "We get the beautiful Lady Margaret to present the two gold seals to Malik Asfour with her thanks. On behalf of the Company of course."

"Do you mean ...?"

"Yes Master Derek," he replied with a big broad smile on his face, "Our Lady Margaret has been with more big well-hung Black Men than one could imagine possible. Over her adult life she has been 'Black Owned' by so many studs that she and Sir Anthony have lost count."

"Are you doing a bit of match-making, my little Greek cuckold friend?" I asked, laughing at this new side to my so-called slave's character.

"When she sees that Mistress Jeniffer is in the picture now, the she will switch attention to pastures new. And I know on good advice, that Malik's pretty concubine Isabel has returned to her husband in England," he replied.
Malik's pretty concubine Isabel has
returned to her husband in England.
"That, if I may say so Georgiou, is the worst plan I have ever heard," I said, "and what makes you think that Lady Margaret won't give Jen some grief and demand attention."

"Lady Margaret is a slut Master Derek, not a bitch," he replied, "and besides, she knows about Mistress Jennifer."

I was suddenly worried. "Are you telling me that Sir Anthony knows that my Wife is now Desmond Shamak's Mistress?"

"Of course Master Derek. Everybody does!"

"Oh shit!" I swore - now appalled at the very thought.

"Just think about it," he continued after my outburst, "You work on highly expensive and complex equipment for the Company. Of course they are going to find out about you."

"Then why haven't they sacked me?"

He smiled again. "Do you think that we are the only cuckolds with 'Black Owned' Wives."

'Jennifer' landed about four and after a total removal of the fuel and the draining of the hydraulic system my team set to work stripping out the panels, frames and pipes that needed clearing to gain access to the vent valves.

It was about eight in the evening when Georgiou, Jen and Master Desmond walked into my office in the hangar.

"How have you been Luv?" asked Jen as she walked straight over to me and put her arms around my neck.

"I missed you," I replied, my voice faltering as I held back the tears of emotion at seeing he again, "but I had Georgiou with me so I was not too alone."

I will never forget how she lifted her left eyebrow and cocked her head to one side in a gesture of amusement. "Yes Dear," she replied, "Georgiou has been telling me."

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I think my cuckold would like that

All cuckolds like to help in any way they can. It comes with the personality.

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That's all

She can't help looking smug, and every cuckold knows the reason why.

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Daily cuckold - “Of course Mistress.”

“When you’re with him i like to dress this way.”
"Of course Mistress. When you’re with him i like to dress this way.”

“Whatever difference does it make? I’m still his Woman and you are still my cuckold, pretty undies and stockings or not.

"It’s not the same licking your pussy when i’m naked. i just don’t get that lovely depraved emotional rush unless i’m all sissified up.”

“I have to admit that you do it better when you’re sissy.”

“So we are agreed. i keep it all on and we both benefit.”

“Well isn’t that what you are a cuckold for?”

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It's fun for me too

Sometimes a hubby should just let go of his angst and enjoy the fun side of being cuckolded.

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Daily cuckold - What these?

"No I didn’t buy them, why do you ask?”

“What these? No I didn’t buy them, why do you ask?”
“Well i didn’t buy them either, so who did?”
“You know who Kenneth. So don’t ask questions that you already know the answer to.”
“So a husband shouldn’t ask his Wife who gave her some gold earings and why she appears to be dressed for a date.”
“Of couse you should. But you might not like the answer - cuckold!”

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Barbara and me were married less than two years ago. Although she says that she loves me it was nevertheless an almost certainty that, after just a few nights in our marriage bed that she would need to seek out a better man than me. So when she contacted a former Boyfriend i knew exactly what was about to happen and within hours she and him were Lovers.

It does something to a man to know that his Wife prefers another’s manhood to his own and when he listens at the bedroom door to hear the love of his life demanding more from her Lover he knows that his future as a cuckold will now be permanent. “Harder!” she demanded and ‘harder she received from the man she now calls her Master. Now he spends the night with her at our house five nights a week and as her belly swells with his child I am understanding the true meaning of the word ‘Harder’.