Tuesday, 19 November 2019

Cucky texts

Will this be acceptable to you for your visit tonight?

Txt: Hi Gerome. Will this be acceptable to you for your visit tonight?

Txt: More than acceptable Janine. And will you be entertaining me on that neatly made bed behind you?

Txt: Yes My Love. I can’t wait for to get here and mess it all up with me.

Txt: And where will Kenneth be when you and me are getting ‘all messed up’ tonight?

Txt: My cuckold will be where he always is when you are with me.

Txt: Oh surely not again?

Txt: Oh surely yes Master!

Monday, 18 November 2019

Daily cuckold - The natural order

“Any sign of him yet?“
“Any sign of him yet?“

“No! He said that he would be here at eight; it’s only seven forty five now.”
“Oh God! I can’t wait. My first Black Lover will soon be here. He will like me won’t he? I’m not too overdressed am I?”

“No you’re fine. You look beautiful. Very desirable. Have no fears My Darling, by this time tomorrow you will be the permanent Mistress of a better man than me.”
“And will you be okay down here while I am upstairs with him. In bed!”

“It will be difficult knowing that another is enjoying my Wife’s sweet body, and it will be my first time as a cuckold. But a man like me knows that this is the way it should be. Master, Mistress and cuckold - the Natural Order has been attained.”

Sunday, 17 November 2019

Tales from the White Mistress Auctions

"Lucy has said that she would like a big Black Lover many times,"
“If i know anything about our Black friends i would say that your Lucy would be more than acceptable.”

“It’s a big step for us both, but i think that it’s now time.”

“Of course it is Dennis. My Wife has been ‘Black Owned’ for a couple of years now and she has never been happier. We owe it to our lovely ladies don’t you think?”

“i do! Lucy has said that she would like a big Black Lover many times, but always held back because i wasn’t sure.”

“Well the time has come for you to become a cuckold like me, my friend.”

“You are right Terrence. I shall contact the White Mistress Auctions right away.”

“Excellent! And will you be going as a couple to be Black Owned, or will it just be Lucy?”

“Same as you Terrence. Lucy and i will be auctioned together.”

“It’s good to know that you understand the Natural Order Dennis.”

Saturday, 16 November 2019

What are my options?

‘Hmmm! Let me think now. What are my options? I Should marry Charles, he has certainly asked me often enough. If I do, it will mean that I will be spending the rest of my life with a handsome and very rich man who tells me that he adores me. He takes me on holidays, treats me to meals out in lovely restaurants and looks after me so wonderfully.

Charles does know that I have a Master and that I have been 'Black Owned’ since I was seventeen, but still he says he loves me and wants to marry me but I’m not so sure that he understands the reality of having a Black Owned Wife and being a cuckold for the rest of his life.

I need to know before I say 'I do’, so I need a plan. Perhaps I should spend tonight in bed with Master and ask Charles to attend to my needs tomorrow morning. Then I guess that I will know for sure if Charles will accept being a cuckold. Who knows; maybe he won’t …..

…… or maybe he will."

Friday, 15 November 2019

Daily cuckold - Probably not!

“Where are you going Dear?”
“Oh! I thought that you were asleep Sweetie. I’m just popping out to have a chat with an old friend I saw downstairs.”
“That ‘old friend’ didn’t just happen to be the big handsome man i saw smiling at you from the bar when we arrived at the hotel.”
“I don’t know who you mean.”
“Muscular, well packed muscles and groin, six foot two, dreadlocks and Black. Does that ring a bell?”
“Oh you mean Derril.”
“If that’s his name. So will i be seeing you later then Dear?”
“Or probably not, more like!"

Thursday, 14 November 2019

Daily cuckold - It makes our humiliation all worth while

I really don’t want my stockings
sagging on our first date.”

“Are you sure that you have fastened it properly? I really don’t want my stockings sagging on our first date.”
“i have done it exactly the way you want it Dear. i am not going to send my Wife out on a date with a prospective Black Lover without making sure that she is properly prepared.”
“And have you got that little cage on your willy tonight Sweetie. You know how you get when I am with another man.”
“Caged! Locked! And the key is in your handbag. i am almost as prepared as you are.”
“And that’s why I love you my darling little cuckold!”
“That’s what all of us cuckolds like hear from our Wives Dear. It makes our humiliation all worth while.”

Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Daily cuckold - What’s the occasion

“Armand and me are having a special
night in tonight.”
“Oh my word, My Love. What’s the occasion?”
“Armand and me are having a special night in tonight.”
“He has something he wants to ask me.”
“Well he seduced you a year ago. He said he wanted you as his permanent Mistress just a few weeks ago and you said yes to that. So what more could he possibly want from you ………… Oh for Christ sake!”
“Oh don’t take on so. Having his baby would just be a natural culmination of our affair wouldn’t it?”
“And of my humiliation too - isn’t it?”
“Exactly! My sweet little cuckold.”