Saturday, 21 October 2017

Cuckold Counsellor - Nathaniel


Things had moved on a bit since first being contacted by Melanie about her Husband Jonathan's attitude to their beautiful little baby daughter Julie. Although dutiful, Jon had not made an emotional connection to the child because he was not her natural father; that was the privilege of a big Black Man called Nathaniel. 'Nat', as we know him, is an ex Lover of my own dear Wife Jennifer and we had bumped into each other again when on holiday in Corfu two years ago. Nat, and a heavily pregnant but nevertheless beautiful Mel (she was carrying Julie) were staying at the same hotel as Jen and me so it was inevitable that Nat and Jen were attracted to each other again.

Mel, due to her condition, had to sleep most afternoons so it was an opportunity for Jen and Nat to make a connection again in the way that they had done before - that is by going back to our cabin and spending the afternoon banging the headboard against the wall (metaphorically speaking). When the holiday was over, we all returned to our lives and Jen and me thought nothing of it, that is until the letter arrived from Mel asking for our help; effectively asking for me to counsel Jon as he was not showing any signs of affection for the baby. All of this and the subsequent counselling can be accessed at the [Cuckold Counsellor - List of Chapters] page.


After a long and heavy night of lovemaking and fun the three of us (Dominic, Jen and me) slept in until almost ten o'clock and I was still tired when the phone rang  after I had just about made it downstairs into the kitchen to put the kettle on - it was Mel. "Nat would like to meet. He suggests a quick pint in the Chequers. Do you know it?"

I replied that I did and that I would meet him there in the bar, "I'll be there at eight," I confirmed. She rang off and I continued to make breakfast for the two Lovers still snoring upstairs.

I had a feeling that Nat was pivotal to this problem, but I didn't quite know just how, and because of that I was pretty unsure just what to discuss with him that evening. But I knew that I had to try.

The ringing telephone  plus the noise of my conversation with Mel had woken Jen and  she gave me a tired but happy smile when I walked naked into the bedroom with a tray laden with tea, toast and grapefruit. "You were on form last night," she commented as she raised her arms in an extended yawn over her head.

"One does what on can Mistress," I replied, handing her a cup of her favorite breakfast tea. She smiled at my impudent reference to her domination, albeit lovingly applied, of my sexuality.

"Who was on the phone 'D'?" She asked, using my often used initial.

"Melanie," I replied, "She's arranged a meeting with Nat at a pub in Sevenoaks tonight."

"Oh good! Let's get this thing rolling," Jen remarked, but continued with asking me, "But you do agree that this chap Jonathan needs to be unmanned - don't you?"

"Probably!" I replied, "But not until I've heard Nat's story. I just think that he has a piece of this puzzle that we haven't found yet."

"Okay 'D'," she replied while nibbling delicately on a piece of toast, "just don't go chasing every little clue and let too much time pass."

By this time Dominic has woken and was munching happily on a slice of toast and marmalade. Looking up he spoke, "what are your plans for today Derek?" he asked offhandedly.

"Shower, shave and a little gardening Dom," I replied, "plus a bit of a ponder over my problem."

Dom laughed, sat up in bed and I noted that he allowed his large straight brown member to lie flat on the bed as if it had a life of its own and was taking a rest. 'It's probably exhausted after so many hours on my tongue and in my Wife.' I thought mischievously.

'It's probably exhausted after so many hours ...'

"I think 'Our Lady' has already given you  the answer to that," he said as he brushed past me on his way to the bathroom, "you need to get him doing for his Wife's Boyfriend what you do for me." He said as if reading my thoughts. He pondered for a second before he continued, "I wonder!"


"You said he had shaved his groin and he wears a cage on his 'chap' when he watches them."

"That's right," I replied - now intrigued.

"Check his drawers and wardrobe next time you're there. You may be surprised at what you find. My money is on silky knickers," he said as he disappeared out of the room.

'Shit! I wonder if Doms right?' I thought to myself as Jen also brushed past me going to the bathroom also."It's worth asking the question Derek," she said as I watched her lovely round arse sway as she walked away from me to join Dom in the shower.

"Hey Cuck boy!" came the rich male voice, an accented mix of West Indian and North Kent, from down the landing, "come and join us. We need you to back scrub us both." 

The giggling from Jen confirmed what they both had in mind but I didn't care. I was going to do what I like to do and my pride didn't matter.

My 'back scrub' was, as is usual when Dom stays over, a full body wash of them both. They both enjoyed my soft soapy intimate hands on their skin and their private parts and when complete they both appreciated that a skilled exponent of the art of selfless pleasuring had done his very best work on them again. And I, as I removed my penis cage and stepped into the shower alone to wash myself, was content that my duty had been done and the smooth salty taste of Dom's erupted seed in the back of my throat bore witness to my skill.

The rest of the morning passed as one of those that we pretended to be busy, but achieved very little. I mowed the lawn and the other two went on the train to a cinema in West London. I made supper for them both and then made myself ready to meet Nat in Sevenoaks.

I took my car and found a parking space near to the Chequers and went in to stand at the bar. 

"What'll it be Derek?"

I swung around and Nat stood there with that same amused look on his face that he used to reserve for me when Jen and him were Lovers.

"Pint of 'Spitfire' (a local beer from Kent) please Nat," I replied shaking his hand, "but perhaps we should find a quiet table where we cannot be overheard."

"Go find one and I'll bring the drinks," he replied. I did so and he brought over two pints of the pale ale and we sat down looking at each other wondering who should talk first.

Nat went first, "You know Derek, even when Jen and me were - you know!"

"Lovers?" I interjected.

"That's it! Yeah! Lovers! I always had a soft spot for you. You were a cuckold but you were never weak like many of the others." he said. I instantly knew that he was trying to find a common ground between us and I appreciated the effort.

"Thank you for saying so Nat," I replied, "but it's not you and me we have come to discuss. Has Mel briefed you on why we are meeting?"

"You mean her little sissy boy is having trouble with his inner being." he said sarcastically, "If ever a little hubby needed to be told his future its jonny boy!"

I looked at him as I sipped my pint and thought about what I was going to say next; I needed to be subtle. "Then why haven't you?" I asked the big Black Man across the table from me, completely forgetting any form of subtlety.

He contemplated for a second as he sipped his own beer, "He isn't like you Derek. When Jen and I hooked up all those years ago you already knew what your duties were."

"So?" I exclaimed.

"All my other ladies' hubbies were already trained," he said reflectively into his drink, "and Jon was, shall we say, a 'virgin'."

"Virgin what?"

"You know," I knew what he meant but I like my little moments of mischief occasionally, so I put on a bemused expression until he decided to continue,"a cuck!"

"He was a cuckold long before you two met," I reminded him - enjoying his discomfort.

Nat looked  sheepish, "Yeah! But he hadn't made that jump from 'passive' to 'active' like you had all those years ago."

I was immediately struck that the big Black Man was thinking through just what he had not appreciated and I was going to ram it home. "That was your job Nat. You're the Bull in this little triangle of lust," I said forcefully. "You were quite happy to slide your big rod into Melanie, but you didn't think about her little hubby. Did you."

"... but you didn't think about her little hubby. Did you."

Nat put his pint on the table and looked at me coolly, "You're a bit sharp aren't you mate," he retorted, "for someone who used to suck my cock, that is?"

I looked back at him and matched his glare, "Let me tell you exactly why I am here Nat." I said, "Last night I watched a baby hold out her arms looking for affection and received nothing in return." I knew that my eyes had tears appearing at the corners at the memory, but I continued nonetheless, "so if what I am saying gets up your nose, then that is but a small price to pay if I succeed." 

Nat looked shocked at my sudden vehemence and then lowered his head to stare into his pint glass. A silence descended over us both because after all of the convoluted relationship we had over the years, we both actually liked each other. A 'cuck and bull' story if you will. (Sorry!).

"How's Jen by the way?" asked Nat, still staring into his glass, but nevertheless breaking the uncomfortable silence between us.

"Oh she's fine Nat," I replied, "she's spending the night with her Boyfriend in Dartford." I hadn't driven all the way to Sevenoaks just to talk about my Wife and her Lover with one of her Exes. I needed more from him before I left his company.

"Nat!" He looked up from his beer. "You both met at a party didn't you," I said, "could you tell me how that went?"

"Well! We both took an instant shine to each other and flirted. A lot!" He said, brightening up with the clearly pleasant memory. "Right there in front of Jon, we danced closely and chatted about each other as if he weren't in the room."

"So you were hot for each other before Jonathan asked you for your phone number?" I asked.

"Man! Yeah! She was everything Rob said she would be."

 "... She was everything Rob said she would be."

I stopped drinking immediately. This was a revelation. "Do you mean Robert. Her first Lover," I asked, suddenly suspicious.

"Yeah! Big Robert. We played in the same football team and were good mates at one time," he replied. "He'd become concerned about some of the guys she'd been seeing so he asked me to step in."

"Wait a minute Nat," I said, trying to think. "Are you telling me that Melanie was set up by her former Lover?" I decided to taunt him a little with Robert - God knows after his cuckolding of me over the years, he deserved it. "You know the big white guy who used to play lovely games with her while Jon, her husband,, said nothing."

"........ while Jon, her husband, said nothing."

'Did his face just go a little red at the thought of her with him?' He maintained his composure however and continued but not before giving me a clue as to his feelings. "Not so much 'set up' Derek. 'Organized' would be a better way of putting it."

"I see!" I remarked. But I did not 'see'. Something didn't add up. It did not answer the question of who coordinated the meeting of the two prospective Lovers. Then a light went on in my head.

"Jonathan!" I exclaimed loudly. "It was our timid little cuckold who organized it!"

"You think?" asked Nat, suddenly very interested.

"Of course. Who else!" I said to the handsome Black Stud across the table. "Christ! The little bugger even made sure that she could contact you the next day."

"Hey that's right!" he loudly cried, causing heads to turn in the bar.

"The cuckold sets his Missus up with a date with a Black Bloke." he blurted out. "You have to admire his sense of duty."

His loud laughter was now causing even more heads to turn and the Barman was starting to look concerned. So following up on the clue he had given me, I decided to bring him back to earth with a question that I knew would stop him in his tracks. "Do you love her Nat?"

The noise stopped immediately and for the first time in all the years I had known him, Nat was knocked off his stride. "Whad'ya mean?"

"Easy question big boy!" I said with my best cold eyed 'smiling assassin' face on, "It just needs a Yes or a No."

I allowed him a few minutes to think about the question. His silence told me that he hadn't thought about it before and that he was now confronting reality. "Do you know something Derek. I believe I do."

There! He'd said it. And I sat and watched a man suddenly realize just what he had in the palm of his hand. 'Now to put the boot in.'

"That may be so Nat," I said to the now fully contemplative Black Man across the table from me, "but there is one thing about Wives who have contented cuckolded husbands you may not realize. Or maybe you do after your time with my Jennifer."

"What's that clever dick?" he asked - now looking distinctly uncomfortable.

"They love their little hubbies more than their big Lovers." I said forcefully but quietly to avoid any further stares from the barman, "And if they ever have to make a choice it's the feller with the big cock who goes. And do you know why?"

He was wary as he replied to my question, "No!"

"Because blokes like Jon and me are very, very hard to find, but studs like you are legion." I said to a very thoughtful Nat, "So if you having thoughts about replacing the guy you earlier described as 'her sissy boy' then think again. It won't happen."

He looked thunderstruck at my words. 'You bastard. You were thinking that weren't you!"

I continued my verbal assault, "There is now only one way that you can continue to warm that lovely girl's bed and have the happy little family you want." He looked ashen now as he realized the truth of my words that were taken from experience. He nodded.

"You will have to accept a three cornered relationship with Melanie and Jonathan." He nodded again, this time in assent. "And you will train that 'sissy boy' to be a good cuckold."

"Just how the fuck am I going to do that Derek?" He asked in a low voice.

"With my advice and a program of training. That's how."

"Okay," he replied cautiously, "starting when?"

"Tonight!" I replied, "Go back to Mel now and tell her that I have a plan and that I shall be at hers at three tomorrow afternoon. I want you both there - but not Jonathan. And when you get in, don't just brush past the poor chap as if he is not there. Ask him how he is and try to open up some kind of dialogue."

"I'll try Derek. But we don't speak much. If at all."

"Then if he's hostile don't push it." I replied to a clearly discomforted Nathaniel. "But if my thinking is correct and you and Mel accept my plan, then you could have yourself a very nice little set up with that pretty young lady, and Jon will be happy in his own skin again."

He looked back at me with a new respect as he finished his pint and got up to leave but I stopped him in his tracks, "And more importantly, Julie will get the affection she' entitled to."

We left the Chequers together and went our separate ways; both of us knowing that we were on a mission.

Friday, 20 October 2017

Daily cuckold - Why do you do it Dear?

...... i was not totally convinced that she was doing it for ‘us’.

“Why do you do it Dear? What’s it for?” These were the words i asked my pretty Wife on that fateful afternoon after i had agreed that she could date another man who she had met. At the time i knew that, because of my ‘tiny willy’, she was not receiving what a lady a beautiful as her is entitled to. So the decision was, as they say, a ‘No Brainer’.

“I need more than you can give me, but I want us to stay together as husband and Wife,” she had said. So we agreed that if i was prepared to be a cuckold then she would stay with me.

So when i asked her my question, as her new Lover powered into her and took her like a whore, her answer did not surprise me. Although i was not totally convinced that she was doing it for ‘us’.

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Daily cuckold - Can you taste him?

"..... put your tongue in my mouth."

“Can you taste him?”
“Can i taste who?”
“Stop larking about. You know exactly who. I’ve just come back from my Lover’s house after a night in his bed. I’ve been kissing and licking his big black weapon all night and I brought him off in my mouth not twenty minutes ago.”
“Oh him! i couldn’t taste anything. Perhaps if you kiss me again and put your tongue in my mouth i might get a flavour.”
“You’ve got it cucky boy!”

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Cucky Telecon

I’ve already met a nice guy

“Hi Babe. Just checking in. The party’s going well and I’ve already met a nice guy who says he will make sure I get home okay.”
“Let me guess. He’s a big Black Guy and when he says he’s taking you home he means his bed, doesn’t he.”
“You know me so well My Love.”
“i should think so. We’ve been married for eight years.”
“Yes we have Dear. Happy anniversary by the way cucky."
“You too My Sweet. See you tomorrow.”

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Daily cuckold - Give me the key Honey

"Do you think I may be too big for you?”

“I feel that a question is raising it’s pretty head. Do you think I may be too big for you?”

“It’s not that you’re too big for me. It’s just that I think I will never feel my husband inside me again.”

“Do you want to?”

“Good question Master. Now I belong to you I probably don’t want to.”

“Then cage his little feller up like a good cuckold should be.”

“Oh it’s already caged. I just let him out occasionally for ‘you know what’.”

“Well give me the key Honey. Then the question no longer arises.”

Monday, 16 October 2017

Daily cuckold - Jereme has just bought me.

"Could you now go and pick up his cheque"

“Oh there you are Dear! Jereme has just bought me as his whore for a month. It was a fair price I think. Could you now go and pick up his cheque to finalize the deal; him and I can then go off together and I shall see you in a few weeks time. And don’t spend all of his money on your train set cucky because when I get back you are taking me on holiday to Jamaica.”

Sunday, 15 October 2017

In Our Imagination

In my imagination I see a young Wife telling her cuckold that he must be brave because her new Lover wants her to have his child. And she is going to say yes!

What do you see in yours fellow cuckolds?