Thursday, 18 April 2019

Many, many times

Every time you send your Wife off to him for a night of passion you take pride in knowing that you have prepared her properly - just as you have done so many times before.

Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Daily cuckold - I can’t swim

"You want to attract that Black Guy we spoke to
on the aeroplane.”

"You told me that it wouldn’t go ‘see through’ when it gets wet.”

So I lied. Divorce me then.”

“And now i understand why you wanted to come to the West Indies for a holiday instead of Spain. You want to attract that Black Guy we spoke to on the aeroplane.”

“I spoke to Dear, not you! You just sat quietly in the seat with a massive ‘hard on’ because a big handsome Black Man was chatting me up.”

“So you think this display will attract him and bring him over?”

“I know it will little man, because here he comes now.”

“i know just what you’re going to do and he’s going to do it with you. i’m right aren’t i.”

“Dead right! Now clear off for a swim - as far out to sea as possible.”

“But i can’t swim.”

“Really? Who'd’ve thought it cucky -boy.”

Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Don't look so disappointed

When her Master has to work late, it can be quite a stressful time for a pretty young Wife; and that is when a good cuckold should step in and take her worries away.

Monday, 15 April 2019

Cucky texts

Glasgow doesn’t have a beach quite like
the one she’s on here.

Txt: Hi Kemal. Thanks for the picture of Clarissa, but can i ask just one question please?

Txt: Certainly Ken. What’s the problem?

Txt: You told me that you needed her to help you with the paperwork associated with your business meetings. Like the one you are supposed to be at now in Glasgow. And the last time i looked, Glasgow doesn’t have a beach quite like the one she’s on here.

Txt: I guess that I should admit it Ken. Clarrie has been my Mistress for some months now.

Txt: i already know that Kemal. i just don’t like being lied to - that’s all.

Txt: Then I have to tell you that she has missed her last two periods.

Txt: i’m her cuckold and i need to know everything. But you could have kept that bit of news to yourself - for a little while anyway.

Sunday, 14 April 2019

Don't worry

When her Lover is late it is always a good thing for a cuckold to calm his Wife and let her know that her mating will happen no matter what.

Saturday, 13 April 2019

How Would You React - The Invitation

Warning - this chapter includes intimacy between Master and cuckolds.

As you left your new Welsh friend David's cabin you glanced back towards the bed where his Wife and her Black Master were doing what comes naturally. David, you had decided, was a natural cuckold and the vision of him kneeling patiently waiting to carry out his duties kindled a feeling of pride in you. You had taken a very confused and crushed husband, who you had encountered watching his Wife making love on the beach, and by logic and instinct had convinced him that his future was to serve his Wife and her Master as a sissy cuckold should.

As you strolled, skipped and minced down the hill from David's you passed happy couples making out in their private pools oblivious to their cuckolds ...

... oblivious to their cuckolds.

... and other equally happy couples making babies on the beach as their cuckolds sat watching nearby, with their cages on their little penises filled from arousal at the scene before them.

... as their cuckolds sat watching nearby, ... 

It was the last day of the holiday that had changed your life forever. Your Wife and you had arrived at Mandingo Palms in the Caribbean thirteen days ago as a happily married couple, or so you thought, but within hours of your arrival she had taken up with a big handsome and well-hung Black Man called Charles.

You had had a choice to make, and you chose to be a cuckold. You decided to totally immerse yourself in this new way of life and your journey had taken you out of the confines of strict heterosexuality. You had made friends with fellow cuckolds and Black Masters alike and had been rescued from drowning in the sea by the owner of the resort.

The owner, Master MC, had become very important to you, as you had devoted yourself to pleasing him after swimming together every morning in the lagoon. He was the man you were now going to see after he had invited you to his apartment that morning, and it did not faze you that you were nude. It just seemed so natural that a cuckold should go to a superior Black Master naked and ready to serve in any way.

All of your story so far can be read in all the previous chapters [here].

"Hi Sweet Cheeks," the pretty Receptionist trilled as you entered the Hotel lobby, "Master said to walk right up to his office upstairs and go in."

Her smile was warm, friendly and understanding as she lifted the counter flap and pointed to the door next to the key rack behind her. A long flight of stairs led up to the first floor and another door marked 'Manager' - you knocked and entered.

Master MC was sat at a desk wearing just shorts, open necked shirt and flip-flops, and he was clearly concentrating on the paperwork stacked neatly in front of him. Nevertheless, he looked up at you with a big welcoming smile on his handsome dark face. "Hey Sweet Cheeks," he boomed in his loud manly Caribbean voice, "Giselle and Marcel are waiting inside and are dying to meet you. So go right through."

You walked past the desk and through the bead curtain behind him and into a beautiful air conditioned room with a large picture window looking out over the whole hotel resort complex. You stood for a moment, enjoying the cool air on your skin and looked around the room at the luxurious furnishings, tasteful paintings and deep carpets. Master MC, you realised, was a man of good taste and not inconsiderable means.

"You must be Sweet Cheeks," came a heavily accented voice from behind you; swinging around, you found yourself looking down at an attractive dark haired girl who was sitting on the floor behind you with her back to the wall, "I've just been upstairs sunbathing and I have come down to cool myself," she said in an unnecessary explanation of her position.

"Hi," you replied, "you must be Giselle."

"Non, mon ami," came the reply from the decidedly amused French lady.

With a slow languid movement she parted her knees to reveal a pretty little penis encased in a locked silver cage in the place where you had assumed her pussy would be. "I am Marcel my Dear. And I am very pleased to meet a fellow cocu," he said, clearly enjoying his subterfuge, "my fellow 'garçon peureux'."

"... I am very 
pleased to meet a fellow cocu," 

You didn't know what a garçon peureux was but you had guessed that it meant something to do with being a sissy and as he stood up to meet you his feminine manner confirmed your suspicion. Not only his bearing but also his odd clothes told you that this pretty young man had tastes in a more female direction. And you liked him on-sight because he was a sissy cuckold and, like you, he didn't care who knew it.

You made to reach out to shake the hand of your new friend but to your consternation he put both his hands on your shoulders and gave you a French 'la bise' (kiss) on both cheeks while at the same time pressed his almost naked body against your own. Instinctively you knew that his greeting was meant to be intimate and the sensation of the warm metal of his cuckold's cage on your own tiny penis felt pleasurable, erotic even, to you.

You felt it necessary to apologise for assuming that he was Giselle, but he waved away your apology with a typical Gallic gesture and said, "Do not say sorry Sweet Cheeks. To be mistaken for my beautiful Wife is a compliment - merci!"

"Master tells me that you are both his couple," you said, in order to clear up any misunderstandings straight away.

As well as being effeminate, Marcel was intelligent and understood that you may be feeling a little out of your depth and so he replied almost immediately, "Oui Sweet Cheeks. We are what is known as 'Black Owned.' That means we are Master's to use as he thinks."

"I have heard that term, 'Black Owned' before. But how and why did you both choose to be 'owned'," you asked.

"Ah!" he exclaimed, "You want to know our story. Yes?"

"If you are happy to Marcel."

"I am my friend. But I hope that I do not shock you. You look so pretty and innocent," he replied.

'Did he just come on to me?' you thought; but said nothing in reply.

"Giselle - my Wife - had many Black Lovers both before and after we were married and I have remained totally devoted to her throughout our life together. She is my soul-mate and I am her faithful cuckold who has dedicated his life to making her happy. I have never been ashamed of this, or of my efféminement. We live our lives for each other and accept each other for what we are."

You pondered what he had just said and then asked the obvious question. "So why Mandingo Palms Marcel?" you asked.

"That didn't take long Sweet Cheeks," said Marcel as he laughed at your discomfiture, "I can tell that you have been wanting to ask me that since you arrived here."

You nodded and smiled in affirmation, but thought it better to let him carry on his story; so you said nothing in reply.

"The succession of different Lovers. Good Lovers and powerful Lovers of course, started to become monotonous for Giselle," he continued, "and none of them wanted her as his permanent Mistress. She was craving to be Mastered by a strong man and to be his Woman. To mate with him and have his children and for me, her husband, to not be just dismissed by them as a sissy cuckold who had little worth in their eyes, but to be part of the whole sensuous package."

"Wow!" you exclaimed, "serious stuff. But how did you get to be here?"

"An English friend of ours, who had been here two years ago, told us about the 'Master's Black Owned Couple' arrangement," he responded, "and put us in touch with a representative of this hotel resort who lives near us in Marseille. He was a big Black Man called Antoine who came to visit us one Saturday evening, interviewed us with some very searching questions and then took us both up to bed."

"And then?"

"He first made love to Giselle and then he made love to me. It was my first time with another man but John, my English friend, showed me to how to prepare myself for being a Black Man's Ladyboy. All of that night and all of the next day until Monday morning Giselle and I were treated to his delightful invasion without stopping for anything except showering, food and drink. He was testing us and we had passed - he said - with flying colours."

"And I guess that this was the moment that you decided to be 'Black Owned'," you suggested.

"Mais oui Sweet Cheeks," he answered happily, "we received a letter, complete with airline tickets, a month later inviting us to be Master's Couple."

"So you had to wait a month?"

"Oui! But it was no hardship for us because Antione spent most nights with us in our bed. He called it s'acclimater (acclimatizing) but we all knew that he was happy to enjoy us both; and we were both content to have some good loving from a real Master."

"So when you arrived here, I suppose you were both ready for your new Master," you said

Marcel suddenly looked wistful as he recalled their arrival at the hotel. "After the medical safety tests, we were both told to strip naked and our clothes were taken away to be kept until after our release. Giselle's birth control pills were confiscated and I was given this little cage to put on my penis. We were then taken to meet our new Master and I cannot describe the emotions running through us both as we knelt before him like slaves in this very room. We were now owned by a superior man and as he stood over us like a gorgeous Black God, with his big dark member bending out from his groin, I knew that our lives would be different from that moment on."

"... I knew that our lives would be different
from that moment on."

His face was now rapturous as he recalled the first meeting between Master MC; but he continued nevertheless. "Without speaking he took a hold of Giselle's hand and brought her up to stand before him and made her turn about to inspect his new possession. I could tell that he liked what he was seeing because his grand pénis started to rise to the occasion - as did my own inside its cage. He then led Giselle to the bedroom for her first mating session but before he disappeared he turned and told me to go to the bathroom, prepare for him and then join them both."

Marcel stopped for a second or two to gather his thoughts, but then continued, "You understand Sweet Cheeks, that I have been a cuckold for some years now because Giselle and I married very young, but I have never felt such arousal before when I was confronted with the knowledge that my Wife was not only going to make love to a better man than me, but that he had now taken her as his mate. He was going to enjoy himself putting a bébé in the Woman I love and then he was going to take me for his pleasure too. Not just once, but regularly - every day."

"... but that he had now taken her
as his mate."
  "Marcel. How did you feel about that?" you asked, now fully aroused yourself as your little penis stood upright.

"That's just the thing Sweet Cheeks mon ami," he responded thoughtfully, "I was not ashamed or unhappy. I was euphoric that my Wife would soon happily bear a Black Man's child."

"Then you are clearly a True Black Owned Cuckold Marcel," you said to the now, also aroused, ladyboy standing before you, "and you can take pride in being so."

"I have never told this to anyone my belle ami," he replied, "not even Giselle or our Master."

You could see the desire for you reflected in his eyes and you did not step back when he moved closer so the head of your little erect penis touched his hip and rubbed along his penis cage. "I feel honoured that you feel that you know me so well that you can confide your innermost emotions with me Marcel and I would love to get to know you better," you replied to the pretty young man now standing even closer to you, "but my Wife and I go home tomorrow morning."

"That is such a pity Sweet Cheeks," he said with genuine regret in his voice as his cool and perfectly manicured hand wrapped itself around your little penis, "I think that we would have had such fun together. It's every English boy's dream, is it not, to have a pretty French Girlfriend?"

... to have a pretty French Girlfriend?" 

You did not know how to reply to this naked offer of love (or was it an offer of naked love?) from Marcel but nevertheless you did not struggle to free yourself from his tender grip. It was apparent that delicately handling another man's penis came easily to him, just as it had to you over the last two weeks of pleasure and abandonment.

"Come and meet Giselle," he said as he gently pulled on your penis in order for you to follow him towards the bedroom door. As you trotted behind him, you knew that he had taken you over and you were in his hands - literally. And there was no denying of the fact that you were thoroughly enjoying his amorous assault on you and your nakedness.

As the door opened you could see the shape of a beautiful heavily pregnant young woman just arousing from sleep. Marcel at last relinquished his grip on your flimsy pink and purple stick and went to window to open the curtains to fill the room with sunlight. As the light fell on her you could see the delightful bohemian colouring in her blond hair and her breasts that were still not yet fully filled with milk - and you were confused.

"Marcel! How many months is Giselle?" you asked as you gazed upon this beautiful girl.

"Five months almost," replied your new friend as he crossed the room back to stand beside you and hold you little penis again.

"Oh Marcel, tu as une nouvelle jolie ami (.., you have a new pretty friend)." She spoke with a heavy Southern French accent and you made the guess, correctly, that she knew little of the English language, but it did not matter because she had taken in the scene before her and understood immediately that her husband was happy and aroused in the presence of a special person - you.

"It's good to see you guys getting on so well," came the strong manly voice from the lounge. It was Master MC who was shrugging off his shirt and stepping out of his shorts which, unsurprisingly, rendered him naked. This was a man who dressed Commando and you were not surprised in the least.

Master MC entered the bedroom and stood before the two of you and said to Marcel, "Are you ready for our afternoon fun my sweet little femboy?"

Marcel's eyes gleamed in joy and anticipation as he replied, "Oui mon maître - toujours! (yes Master - always!)"

"And you, Sweet Cheeks, would you like to join in with one of our happy afternoons that we three enjoy so much," he asked as, in one glance, he took in Marcel's soft grip on your penis and your own hand that was now resting on his arse so he understood that you accepted his physical closeness.

Marcel immediately released his tender grip and disappeared into the nearby bathroom only to return immediately holding a small silver foil packet and a key. He then gave the key to Master MC and stood obediently ready for the release of his little penis, however and much to your surprise, he passed the key to you.

"You know how this works Sweet Cheeks. Would you like to let Marcel out of his little cage?" he asked you, "I think my little lady cocu would like that. And while you two are getting further acquainted I can go and say hello to my sleepy Mistress."

Without prompting you knelt on the bedroom carpet before Marcel and inserted the key in the lock and turned. The cage almost fell away revealing a pretty little pink penis that was, as you looked, starting to expand in arousal. With gentle fingers you reached beneath his tiny ball sack and extracted the saddle by pulling it carefully down and over his now fully erect 'cotton reel'.

"You are very pretty down here Marcel," you remarked to your now fully naked friend (he had removed his socks and blouse in the bathroom).

"Merci Sweet Cheeks," he replied, clearly pleased that you had complimented his penis, "you can kiss it if you like."

"There will be plenty of time for that later." said Master MC as he climbed up onto the bed to be with Giselle, "Now come over here Sweet Cheeks and meet the mother of my children."

Yes! You felt it as you released your hand on his little rod. Marcel had reacted to what his Master had said and the sudden lift to the fully vertical confirmed it. Marcel was a genuine true cuckold and, just like you, he understood the natural order of the strong Black Male as the mate of the pretty white Wife. And because of that realisation, you made sure, as you stood up, that the side of your face brushed against the head of his erected pink stick and that your own touched against his before you both moved hand in hand over to the bed. 

"Sweet Cheeks," said Master MC as he manoeuvred his naked body up behind Giselle who was now sat up, but still looking sleepy, "you were about to ask a question about my beautiful mate."

"It's just ......"

"It's just what Sweet Cheeks?"

"It's just that Giselle is very .... Er! Very big for five months gone."

"I shall let Giselle tell you Sweet Cheeks," he said as he leaned over her and pressed his hands to her tummy in a propietary way. It was clear that she was his Woman in all respects and as Marcel's arm stretched around your waist and he pulled you close it was clear that he fully understood it too.

"Combien mon amour? (how many my love?)" Master MC said softly into the ear of the relaxed but happy Wife with the smile of a well satified Woman on her pretty face.

"Combien mon amour?"

"Trois, mon maître," came the soft and loving reply.

"Triplets!" you exclaimed in wonder. "You really do know how to make your Lovers feel special."

"The doctors tell me that I have a very high level of fecundity Sweet Cheeks, and that is why all of my couples so far have returned home with at least two of my babies growing inside the pretty young Wife," he replied without any hint of bragging or bravado, "and if you go on the website you will see that they have all posted the pictures of our babies."

"So  they are very satisfied customers then."

"Customers - no! Lifelong friends - yes!"

"And Master," you asked, suddenly concerned for the couples, "do they return home without any support from you?"

He looked amused at your question and replied, much to the delight of Marcel. "That is why I like you Sweet Cheeks - you are a people person. You think about others all of the time and that is why you have taken time out of your holiday to help others. Yes, I do know what you did for that little Welsh boy earlier today and how you helped Graham find a Lover. But no, my couples do not return home unsupported. Each lady has been given to a Black Master as his Mistress - her cuckold also."

You were astounded, but wanted to know more. "Given Master? That's a bit authoritarian isn't it?" you asked.

"It's not as cold as it sounds my lovely new friend," he said as he moved away from Giselle and walked over to stand before you both, "the deal is that a new Lover checks the couple out before they come here to me. And of course, he reclaims them on their return, and they are then Black Owned by him for the rest of their lives. It's what they volunteer for and thousands of couples are desperate to be in the program."

"Are you saying that another Black Man brings up your children Master?" you asked, still not believing your ears.

"What? Hell no!" he replied laughing, "That's his Mistress and the little cuckold's job. It's just that they are his 'Pleasure Couple' from the day they return home. Ain't that right Marcel - my friend Antoine can't wait to see you both again."

'That's outrageous,' you thought, 'but no more outrageous than flying five thousand miles to become willingly owned and sexually used by a Black Master. Just as my Wife did, so who am I to stand in judgement.'

"It will be nice to see him again Master," Marcel replied as he started to tear the cover off the condom he had been holding.

"Don't rush these things my dear," said the large handsome Black Master as he noticed the condom in Marcel's hand, "let's get me ready first."

You intuitively understood what was about to happen, and as Marcel dropped to his knees before his Master you followed almost immediately. And you were back where you had been just a few hours before in the shower by the lagoon, looking directly at his long and thick dark manhood and ready to show him your total devotion.

It was Marcel who kissed the already thickening and hardening rod first, but you were close behind with a long lick from base up to his glans. The two of you, as if you were one, went to work on that beautiful member; you were of one mind and with one ambition - that was to please and arouse the superior man. And was it by luck or something else entirely when your tongues met in their devine labours, that they lingered and you both savoured the taste of each other.

It was no time at all before the large brown organ was erect and that was the moment when Marcel pulled away and left you to carry on you pleasuring. Nobody said stop, so you did not, but when Marcel eased you away with his hand you could see that he was holding a very large rubber condom in his hand. You sat back and watched in awe as your pretty friend eased the rubber over his Master's cock with an expertise that can only come with lots of practice.

"Sweet Cheeks," said a now fully aroused and clearly happy Master, "I want you to lie on your back on the bed with your head near the edge. Quickly now!"

With a feeling of great excitement you lay on the bed with your feet just  touching Giselle's knees, and nobody took any notice that your own little penis was standing up like a small pink biro pen - or so you thought. Within moments Marcel moved his body on top of yours and moved into a soixante neuf position with his own little penis positioned directly above your face.

"Are you ready Marcel?" asked Master MC as he clasped the  smooth thighs of the ladyboy who was now offering himself for penetration by lifting his arse into the air in a provacative manner.

"Oui Maitre. Je suis à toi pour la prise (I am yours for the taking)," he replied as you felt the hot breath from his mouth on your groin.

Suddenly you felt some cool gentle fingers on your penis but instead of trying to arouse you, they felt like they were touching you for another purpose. Glancing across to the mirror nearby you could see that it was Giselle with her long fingers being intimate with you, but her other hand was positioned on top of Marcel's head which she carefully, but inexorably, moved down towards your stiff little rod.

The heat and wetness of Marcel's tongue on your penis was one of the most delicious feelings that you had ever felt, and as he did so you knew that you had emotional feelings for this French sissy cuckold. And because of these emotions it was only natural that you lifted your head from the bed and wrapped your own tongue around the small round pink glans.

If you could have spent the rest of your life giving and recieving pleasure with the pretty sissy who was lying on top of you, you would have taken the offer without any further thought. But the Dark Lord had other thoughts; suddenly Marcel gave a shudder and a small squeel of excitement. And it was clear to you below that he was being claimed as the property of the man who was his Master.

Friday, 12 April 2019

This is a little bit obvious

Sometimes a cuckolded hubby feels the honour of showing his devotion to both his Wife and her Master.