Thursday, 19 July 2018

Daily cuckold - don’t i have a say?

It is a gift from him isn’t it?

“Are you going to put it on Dear? It is a gift from him isn’t it?”
“It’s the implication that has me concerned - for us.”
“In what way.”
“He said that if I put this on, then the next time we date, he will know that I want to be his permanent Mistress. And not just his Saturday night fuck.”
“Well far be it for me to advise you My Love, but as your husband don’t i have a say in your decision?”
“Of course you can cucky! Now, can you get behind me and clip it on please?”
“Some say that was!. But just as i thought; it didn’t concern me after all.”

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Daily cuckold - the best of us have our failings

she’s just a greedy cow.

My Wife Jessica is a gentle and caring person who is generous to a fault. But even the best of us have our failings …..

…. because sometimes she’s just a greedy cow.

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Cucky Texts

He swallows my seed? What a sissy.

Txt: Hi Master. I took this selfie to prove what I said. I told you he does but you didn’t believe me.

Txt: Well I do now Lisa. Ain’t that a little sticky for our cucky boy down there.

Txt: Yes! But he loves it. Especially if I keep some of your lovely cream inside me.

Txt: He swallows my seed? What a sissy.

Txt: You don’t know the half of it Master. You should see what I have put on his willy.

Monday, 16 July 2018

Daily cuckold - At least I would get some ‘shut-eye’

"Would you be okay with that? Being 
cuckolded four times a week instead 
of two.”

“Baby! I was thinking - thanks for the coffee by the way - what if Jacques were to spend more time here. We both think that just twice a week is not enough. What do you think?”
“Well that’s a lot of ‘thinking’ for someone who has been screaming her head off with lust as her Lover fucks her all night.”
“So you can see why I would want to see more of him - can’t you?”
“Oh yes! And you can see why i would at like to get a decent night’s sleep.”
“I could go over to Jacques twice a week as well. Would you be okay with that? Being cuckolded four times a week instead of two.” 
“I suppose so. At least I would get some ‘shut-eye’.”

Sunday, 15 July 2018

“No problem“

There was no problem of course.
After far too many ‘failure’ nights in our marriage bed i knew that my lovely Wife needed far more from our marriage than i could provide; so there was only one thing for it. We talked about all of her needs and, after a couple of months of thinking about my proposal, Tina said that she would like to try but that i had to make all the arrangements.

As it happens, my Boss, a handsome and very rich West Indian business man had just finished a relationship with his Girlfriend and was fancy free - as they say. At first he was suspicious about my suggestion that he should take my own Wife out on a date just to take his mind off things but he reluctantly agreed, but not without making a comment about my own manliness; but i took all in good part.

“Matthew,” he said the day before his date with Tina, “I have only one requirement. All of the women I have ever dated have had very pretty breasts. That is a ‘must’ for me.”

Lloyd arrived at our house and I introduced him to Tina who I had already told about his ‘requirement’. “Problem?” she asked my astounded and very interested Boss. There was no problem of course.

That was six months ago and they have been ‘dating’, which is a euphemism for ‘he’s been banging her almost every night in our bed’, ever since. So there was no problem for Lloyd, no problem for Tina and, now that i have learnt to be a very, very, very involved and submissive cuckold, there is no problem for me either.

Saturday, 14 July 2018

In Our Imagination

What do we see when we think about our Wives with their Lovers or the big handsome men who would aspire to be so?

In my imagination I see a beautiful 
young Wife being seduced by a 
handsome young man at a party. 

Her husband, who is sat across the 
room watching, knows that his plan 
is working and that he will be a 
cuckold before the night is finished.

In my imagination I see an executive's 
PA showing her boss just how 'personal' 
her assistance can be.

"You had better ring your hubby." He 

"No problem," she replies, "he knows 
he's a cuckold. And he loves knowing 
that I am you Slut."

In my imagination I see a cuckold pledging 
his never ending devotion to his Wife, who 
is just about to leave and spend the night 
with her Black Lover.

In my imagination I see a happy cuckold 
couple. She has him well trained, 
restrained and happy with his lot. And 
she has the little smile of a Wife who has 
enjoyed lots of other mens' cocks and will 
enjoy many more.

In my imagination I see a young 
cuckold demonstrating his total 
obedience and acceptance of his 
Wife's affair with her big Black 

In my imagination I see a tender 
submissive cuckold pledging his 
total obedience to his Wife just 
before she finishes dressing and 
leaves to be with her Lover.

They say that beauty is in the eye of a beholder, but for us cuckolds it can be in our imagination too. 

And what do you see fellow cuckolds?

Friday, 13 July 2018

Daily cuckold - there’s no need to taunt him like that.

“It’s Paul. He’s found us."

“Hey Glenda, what are you doing out there.”

“It’s Paul. He’s found us, so I’m leaving him in no doubt as to what we have been up to this afternoon.”

“He wasn’t in any doubt anyway. He knows that you and me are Lovers, so there’s no need to taunt him like that.”

“Well he spent so much time looking, I just think that he should get his reward.”


“He loves it when I humiliate him. That’s how it is for my cucky hubby.”

“Then why don’t you let the poor guy come up and watch us?”

“I think he would like that Master. I’ll just wave him to come up.”