Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Daily cuckold - And you are glad.

love’s sweetest triangle

She may be your Wife and he may be just another man she met on a beach somewhere. But sometimes, when you are a cuckold, your angst and emotions are as nothing to the shear beauty of what you see before you. So you understand your importance and the part you have to play in love’s sweetest triangle. And you are glad.

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Daily cuckold - Are one of those for me?

“No chance cucky"
“Are one of those for me Dearest?”
“What are you referring to Sweetie?’”
“Those two pretty pink things that you have there.”
“Do you mean the drink or my titties?”
“Either would do for a weak and desperate young cuckold like me.”
“No chance cucky! They are both for my new Boyfriend.”

Monday, 19 February 2018

Daily cuckold - “You mucky little cow.”

"He’s still upstairs and waiting for his coffee."

“Stop doing that Dear. He’s still upstairs and waiting for his coffee.”
“i don’t care. i heard you both last night going at it like rabbits, you mucky little cow.”
“He was very vigorous. I couldn’t help myself. You were alright with it weren’t you?”
“Sort of! It was difficult at first, listening to my beautiful Wife being fucked royally by her big Black Lover.”
“And then.”
“i realised that being a cuckold is something that i like. Especially now you have stopped taking the pill.”
“Yes! About that! Do you know what a CB6000s is?”

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Daily cuckold - In the gentle warmth of evenings glow,

I taste his manly essence

In the gentle warmth of evenings glow,
She has been in his bed and she knows that I know,
And when I taste his manly essence I feel neither anger or woe,
Even though she’s his Mistress I am not given to emotions so low,
And his seed, dark and African, now inside her will grow,
For she is my Wife and from her side I shall never go.
And cuckolds like me accept and reap what they sew.

Saturday, 17 February 2018

It would be an honour to be cuckolded by Wives such as these

Cuckolds know that there are many ladies in this world who would bring him joy and  that it would be an honour to share her with a better man than he.

Three beauties preparing themselves
  to be auctioned to rich and handsome
 Black Masters, while their cuckolds 
are led away in chains to be turned
 into eunuchs.
Oh Nicole! If you were mine you 
could have all of the men that you
 wish and I would say not anything 
except, "Right on yer mate!"

Cuckold leaves as her Lover arrives. 
Such would be the joys of being 
her hubby.

Turning to hubby, this beauty shows 
him exactly what she has planned for 
 the evening with her Boyfriend. 
Cucky is used to this, because she 
has done it so many times.

Watching as she becomes 
the property of another 
man is one of the many 
things that enriches our 
cuckold lives.

Her breast are full and so is her 
womb, and a poor cuckold feels 
a deep sense of doom. 

Because when the child soon 
appears everyone will soon see 
that the father is her Black Lover's 
and it was never me.

Friday, 16 February 2018

Daily cuckold - “Will he be coming back soon?”

slurping out his Black Man’s jism?

“i do know my place Dear, but how long do you want me to keep slurping out his Black Man’s jism?”
“Until he tells you to stop cucky boy.”
“Will he be coming back soon?”
“He’s gone to lunch so I guess about an half hour.”
“What then?”
“More of the same I hope.”
“Me too Mistress.”

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Daily cuckold - I forgot to mention that

“Oh dear! Silly me!"

“He said he could take it off in just two seconds.”
“Then why are you still wearing it?”
“Well that’s easy. He said that he couldn’t do it for one simple technical reason.”
“And that was?”
“He’s your bloody Boyfriend, that’s why!”
“Oh dear! Silly me! I forgot to mention that. Sorry!”
 “Oh! Ha! Fucking Ha!”