Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Cuckold Conversation

When your Wife one day comes home and tells you that her beautiful body is going to get bigger because her Black Lover has planted his seed inside her can be a trying moment for us cuckolds. How we accept and handle the humiliation can define us as true cuckolds.

"Master has planted his seed in me Dear."

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

How Would You React

Warning - this blog post includes content of a 'gay' nature.

Your Wife with her Master

- on your holiday together.

You had taken your pretty young Wife on holiday to the Caribbean and all had not gone as planned as she kept going missing. You had followed her down on the rocks and witnessed her being seduced by a handsome Black Man called Charles. [Seduction]

Over a period of a few days you had saw her being fucked on the beach [Deep Inside Her], and on your bed in the hotel room [InYour Bed] while you knelt and watched. 


Like a good cuckold, you just knelt and watched.

After he had ejaculated into your Wife, Charles had ordered you to strip naked and call him 'Master' from that moment on, and being a good cuckold you obeyed immediately. [The Good Cuckold]

Charles, or 'Master' as you now called him told you to position yourself between your Wife's legs and clean her pretty pussy with your tongue, and for the first time in your life you tasted another man's seed. Your Wife even helped you to fully clean her out by sitting on your face and rewarded you with a gush of Master's essence into your open mouth. If you hadn't known by then that you were a cuckold you certainly did as the salty goo slipped down your throat. And as the night progressed your 'duties' were called upon time and again. You had never felt so humiliated and so happy as when you were serving her.

Your happiness came to an immediate close when Master ordered you to kneel low before him - you obeyed instantly. You looked up at his massive cock directly above your head and with a sinking feeling you knew what was coming next.

"Prove to me your total submission," he growled at you, "hold it in your hand and put it between your two effeminate lips." 

This was a new aspect of cuckolding that you had not foreseen and you told Master that you were not Gay, even though your tiny penis hardened to a solid four inches of pink impotency. [Cleaning Her].

You were sat on your feet looking up at Master's beautiful big manhood with conflicting feelings of humiliation against those of wishing to please the man you now acknowledge as your 'Master'. He had told you that this was part of your cuckold training but it was a big step in a man's life to hold another man's cock and take it into his own mouth - you hesitated as you looked up at his glowering countenance.

"I have never touched another man in this way Master. I did say that I wasn't a Gay man."

"I never said you were," he replied, "but you are a cuckold so you don't have no sexuality. That makes you mine to train and to use when I want. You can refuse of course but you will leave this room and never be allowed back in when I am with your Wife. You serve us both or you leave.  Is that clear?"

The thought of leaving was intolerable to you so there was nothing else to do but lift yourself from the floor and kneel before him as if in in supplication. There was no other way and you knew that this is what you had to do.

With your right hand you reached out and gently touched the dark member with your fingers and then the palm of your hand. It was warm and soft and, like Master himself, it felt as though it had been waiting for your gentle sissy-like touch.

"Take your time cuckold. Overcome any last reluctance. Remember! You are doing no more than your Wife has done many times. And who are you to say no."

"Yes Master." You replied with your eyes fixed on the dark manhood resting now in the palm of your hand. Suddenly you felt a tremendous weight lift from your shoulders because you had always been uncomfortable in your husbandly role as 'real' man'. You were released and instinctively you knew what you had to do next.

With Master's cock now resting in both palms right underneath your nose, you breathed in the mixed aromas of manly perspiration, semen and your Wife's pussy.

"Show us your devotion cuckold." And with those words you lowered your head and placed your lips on the warm head of his flaccid member. Another jolt of humiliation went through you, because you now understood that you had crossed a line and there was no going back.

You flicked out your tongue onto his cock head and was immediately rewarded by a sharp inhalation of Master's breath as he felt your hot wetness on his manhood. That was when you sensed the dark piece of flesh stir in your hand.

There was no stopping now because you had gone this far and you knew that your Master expected more. You tongued his shaft, moving your head below his resurrecting pole and breathed in the aroma of a real man. You were beginning to enjoy yourself.

Master's cock was now showing signs of further hardening when you returned your gaze to the large head - there was only one course of action to take now. Opening those lips that Master had called effeminate you moved your mouth over the head of his cock and took his manhood into your mouth. 'I'm not gay', you thought, 'but I'm beginning to like this!'

'I’m beginning to like this.'

Like a 'natural' you took his member in your mouth and instinctively started moving your head up and down, while enjoying the feel of the now stiff organ expanding and growing heavier under your attention.

You felt a gentle hand at the back of your head; it was your Wife giving you encouragement. "Take it all," she encouraged, "show Master that you can go the whole way."

Your head began to swim at the thought of Master's semen erupting from the urethral opening at the tip of the glans and down your throat. But you knew you wanted it, because if you could do this as a cuckold you would do whatever they wanted. And what they wanted - you wanted.

With your Wife's gentle prompting you continued to pleasure your Master with your mouth and soft hands until you heard the noise coming from him that you had heard more than once that night. It was the low growl that preceded his ejaculation.

You had been tasting his seed all night from your Wife's pussy, but now you wanted some of your own fresh, from the 'hose'. And within seconds you were not disappointed.

The first eruption hit the back of your throat filling your whole mouth with his sticky, pungent hot seed but you had the awareness to swallow quickly. You had to work fast so as not to lose any of his precious essence. As you felt the first eruption sliver down your throat, Master's cock jumped in your mouth and another spurt flooded your throat and teeth with that salty familiar musty goo. Again and again you swallowed until Master sighed with satisfaction and there was no more left inside that big sack hanging from his groin.

Silence enveloped the room as you all realised what had just happened. You were now a true cuckold in every sense and for some reason you felt a sense of pride.

"Well done cucky, you just drained me. It’s a good start for us three. We'll get you fully trained soon I am sure." Master commented thereby adding to your sense of pride. "Tomorrow we'll get you measured up for a collar and a restraint."

You sat back down as Master brushed past you to get back on the bed to join your Wife. You were stunned. What were they planning for you now?

Your Wife and Master clearly intend to make you their slave and to make you celibate.

Do you want this? What would be your reaction?

Monday, 22 August 2016

Cucky Quicky

"I am pregnant with his child cucky.”

“Oh God! You’re here. How did you find me?”

    “Sorry Dear. I read the texts on your phone. So I knew where you were going, and who you were going with. And now here I find you putting your clothes back on after making out with your Black Lover on this beach.”

“Well at least its now out in the open. Kenzo and me have been Lovers for months. What do you intend to do about it?”

    “Nothing My Darling. I will not be the only man in the world whose Wife is another man’s Girlfriend. Besides! I have known about you and him for almost as long as you have been seeing each other. I don’ t mind too much about being a cuckold but its being lied to I hate.”

“Then I won’t lie when I tell you that I am pregnant with his child cucky.”

    “I heard you throwing up this morning; so I know that as well.”

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Cucky Quicky

“Her contribution to the firm and our
clients is invaluable. And every day I
find that she is more than willing to
go that extra mile in keeping me happy.

She is such a treasure.” 

I always thought that my Wife Miriam was under qualified for the job at the smart law firm but she insisted that she could get it. On the day of the interview she insisted that she wear that sexy red dress that I had bought for our holiday, even though I told her that it was inappropriate attire for the legal profession.

She tells me that the interview with the head of the firm went very well, in fact he took her to dinner at a big London hotel and she didn’t arrive home until the early hours of the next morning. “The interview was quite strenuous but very rewarding,” she told me the next morning as she went off to start her first day at work.

These days Miriam spends long hours ‘hard at it’ as she likes to describe what she does and the CEO likes to take her with him on long overseas trips on business. “Her contribution to the firm and our clients is invaluable. And every day I find that she is more than willing to go that extra mile in keeping me happy. She is such a treasure.” 

On hearing those words I was so proud of my pretty young Wife.

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Cucky Quicky

“I can taste Big Robert.”

    “More champagne please.”

“No! I’m drinking it now.”

    “But I like drinking it from your pussy.”

“That’s not all you’re tasting little cucky man.”

    “If you mean big Robert, I have swallowed it all. And now I would like some champagne to wash away the taste please.”

“Oh! Here we go then. But don’t let any go to waste.”

    “I didn’t let his ‘champagne’ go to waste so I’m unlikely to squander the real stuff.”

Friday, 19 August 2016

sissy cuckold

Sometimes a cuckold just has to make a statement:

“I’m liking it already ‘sissy boy’.”

“Dennis! I think you may have gone too far with the gender equality thing. And you have locked your ‘little man’ away again. Why?”

   “You have humiliated me by taking a Lover and made me a cuckold. In essence, you have unmanned me. So I might just as well be what I am now. A Sissy!”

“I’m so sorry Dear. I didn’t think you would take it like this. But I have to say that you look very nice.”

   “Thank you Dear. This is the future for me now, so we had both better get used to it.”

“I’m liking it already ‘sissy boy’.” 

Thursday, 18 August 2016

It Would Be An Honour To Be Cuckolded By Wives Such As These

There are some some Wives that you know should be shared by better men than their husbands. Such as these below maybe?

A day on the topless beach can let my Wife show off her assets to all potential new Lovers.

Red hair, freckles and a strong beautiful face. Perfect for a strong, well hung Black Master as his permanent Mistress.

A happy and welcoming smile, plus a little peak of what is promised. This pretty Wife should be in the fast lane to an affair with a big Black Stud.

A woman as lovely as you Scarlett should enjoy the devotion of a cuckold along with a wide selection of Lovers.

A warm smile for her cuckold when he tells her that he is proud her Black Lover is the father.

A beautiful and sensual Wife who displays her devotion and commitment to her Black Master in the most explicit way. Her cuckold should be so proud.