Friday, 21 September 2018

Daily cuckold - You might want to re-think

“What are you fiddling with the padlock for Dear?”

“What are you fiddling with the padlock for Dear?”
“Just to make sure that you are fully caged.”
“Why is that?”
“Because our neighbour Mr Odinga will be here in a minute and he is going to have me right here on this sunbed. That’s why.”
“Do you want me to go then My Love?”
“Hell no! When I stretch my legs out wide I want to rest my ankle on your swollen balls.”
“I see! And your right leg?”
“That will be up and over my Lover’s left shoulder.”
“You seem to have thought of everthing Mistress. Or almost everything.”
“What do you mean?”
“Mr Odinga just turned up with a friend, so you might want to re-think your stretching exercises.”

Thursday, 20 September 2018

Daily cuckold - “There’s no need for you to come cucky.”

“I’m sorry Brian, but this just can’t go on.”

“I’m sorry Brian, but this just can’t go on.”
“What do you mean Dear?”
“Every year we come here to this nudist beach and your little pecker still embarrasses me.”
“Well what can I do about it? It’s only me after all.”
“Well you know that chap we were talking to in the bar last night.”
“You mean the guy who, while you went off to the bathroom, told me that given half a chance would love to date you, seduce you, take you off to his bed for the night, fuck you unmercifully all night and all day for the rest of the holiday and by doing so make me a biggest sissy cuckold in the history of the world.”
“Yes, him!“
“He’s just over there, so I think I’ll go and join him. There’s no need for you to come cucky.”
“I think I just did.”

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Daily cuckold - “I’ll bring her back tomorrow.”

“You’ve got a lift home - right?”

“Hey little guy! You’ve got a lift home - right?”
“Well I did come here tonight with my Wife, but she now seems to have forgotten me and is taking the car.”
“Okay! I’ll tell the doorman to call you a cab when you want to leave.”
“I had hoped to be leaving with her Master, but that is clearly not going to be the case now.”
“Don’t worry ‘Tiny Tim’. I’ll bring her back tomorrow.”
“After fucking her all night no doubt.”
“No doubt about it cuck boy!”

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Daily cuckold - “i shall ask him to come upstairs then Mistress.”

“That’s you looking pretty Dear. Shall i ask Master to come up?”
“That’s you looking pretty Dear. Shall i ask Master to come up?”
“No you silly little man. You must apologize for keeping him waiting and then beg him to join me upstairs.”
“i didn’t make him wait. You couldn’t make up your mind whether to be naked or to put something pretty on.”
“Well I have made up my mind now. And what I want is a big handsome Black Man to rip these flimsy garments off of me, command me to open my legs and then spear me with his big dark member. And when he’s done that I will want him to do it again and again thoughout tonight.”
“i shall ask him to come upstairs then Mistress.”
“I said ‘beg’ cuckold. Beg!”

Monday, 17 September 2018

Daily cuckold - But you have to buy them all.

“Yes they will Mistress 
but I have a better idea.”
“Yes they will Mistress but I have a better idea.”
“Oh! I thought that you would like the idea of wearing pretty ladies underwear over that metal cover to your little willy.”
“I do Mistress. But I want to be humiliated further.”
“In what way cucky?”
“I want to wear the same underwear that you wear Mistress. All the time and forever. I want it to define my sexuality.”
“Okay Sissy. I totally agree. But you have to buy them all.”

Sunday, 16 September 2018

There Is No Shame In Submitting To Your Desires

And neither is there shame in the husband who knows of her desires, accepts her desires and delights in the idea of his lovely Wife submitting to the better man. Such pleasures are not just confined to the mating pair of Lovers but to the cuckold, who relishes the very thought of her open and willing body welcoming her Master’s seed.

Saturday, 15 September 2018

In Our Imagination

What do you see when you see a cuckold situation? Does your imagination run riot like mine or do you just see what's in front of you?

In my imagination I see a youg Wife 
confirming her domination over her 
cuckold. Hubby of course, knows this 
and loves his subjugation.

In my imagination I see a newly cuckolded 
husband pledging his acceptance of her 
new Lover and his total submission to 
his Wife.

In my imagination I see an 
unfaithful Wife who has 
trained her hubby to accept, 
not only her affair with the
 large Black Man from 
where he works, but to 
understand just where he 
is in this Wife, Lover, 
cuckold dynamic.
In my imagination I see a husband who has been caged, 
humiliated and abused by his Wife and her Lover. 
A very happy cuckold indeed.

In my imagination I see a typical photograph that a Wife 
would send back to her hubby when she is out on the 
town with her Boyfriend and her best friend. Keeping 
cucky in the picture is always a must for a happy marriage.

Making sure that hubby knows just what 
he is for is always the best way to treat 
your cuckold.

Please feel free to comment on just what it is that you see in your imagination fellow cuckolds.